Employee Development

Employee development is the bedrock of human capital development. It is an understanding of the state of human assets in order to do focused investments to create new opportunities in productivity and profitability for the future. Our surveys help you to determine the range of responsibilities and behaviours that make your people more effective, and we help you assess the strength of your people at all levels.

Our assessments focus on emotional intelligence, leadership performance, team capability, talent development and learning effectiveness.

360 Assessment

A Hay Group study of leaders from organizations worldwide showed that the higher people rise in an organization the more likely they are to over-rate themselves. This means that in the absence of feedback from others, people develop blind spots which will weaken their development and execution.

The results from a 360 degree survey facilitate self-awareness by allowing employees to view input about themselves from their superiors, peers, direct reports and customers/suppliers.

What We Do

The 360 Assessment will:

What You Do

Competency Assessments

Using your existing competency model, we conduct assessments which helps determine how frequently competencies are demonstrated, the level of complexity with which they’re demonstrated, or the level of EI demonstrated by key leaders.

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